Ultimo Catering and Events

Seriously good food ….

Want a fantastic function or event with seriously good food?  Then you’ve come to the right place. Ultimo’s renowned for saying yes when other caterers say no, and because we’ve maintained this philosophy since starting business in 1999, many of our clients tell us that we’ve helped them host simply the most fantastic functions. 

Organising the catering for your dream wedding, a corporate function or an important social event such as a wake or birthday party but don’t know where to start?  Ultimo has covered just about every size and shape function you can throw at us.  Let us take care of the intricate catering stuff … so you can focus on the more important things like your guests and enjoying yourself.

What we do

Whilst ultimo has an enviable reputation of delivering innovative, delicious cuisine that’s sourced from local producers, we are a full service caterer. Our energetic and attentive team will also organise customer-focussed service staff, beverages, equipment, marquees, theming and any other aspects you need taken care of.

We strive to deliver an experience rather than just a catering service for:

  • Weddings
  • Wakes
  • Corporate
  • Events
  • Private parties

We’re WA owned and operated and, like yourself, we strive to hear the words from you and your guests that the function was “Simply the Best”.

Specialist Wedding Caterers

Need a caterer who’s experience will lead you through the planning of your wedding from beginning to end? Download our Bridal Kit or call our Wedding Co-ordinator Nicole today and start the journey toward your dream wedding reception.

Contact us to arrange a comprehensive quote for your next function.